Blagos Engineering Company has been in industrial and civil construction since 2007. It has gained a big experience through successful track record with complex projects in the industrial, municipal and civil construction in Ukraine. 


We offer five basic solutions:

1. Creation of concept

2. Project development

3. Construction

4. Installation

5. Maintenance


Every solution is provided by our specialists who have experience, innovative technologies and latest equipment. Working in close cooperation with the leading producers of materials and equipment we can provide our clients with high quality products.


Currently almost all businesses set goal to conform with the European quality standards. This is especially important in construction, where the comfort and safety directly depend on the quality of engineering systems. That is why Blagos Engineering Company was successfully awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Compliance № UA226349 dated 14th June 2010), by Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine certification service. Our Company has all mandatory licenses and permits to carry out its activity, and was awarded with a number of diplomas for work with due quality.